Thursday, September 3, 2015

Depending on when you met me

Depending on when you met me…
I might have been : An artist: My art is really good, I get all A+ for Art, I’m not bragging.

I might have been: The kid who dared to run into the boy’s bathroom, pu It stinks in there!

I might have been: A competitive bike-rider, I started riding bicycles when I was five years old.( I had a scar on my ankle and it is still there now!)

I might have been: Rainbow Dash: A character in my little pony. I still watch the show now.

I might have been: graduated kid from ISKL elementary. I love iskl, it is a wonderful school where you can meet great friends and the teachers are so nice. Now I’m in middle school and it is still very wonderful there too!

I might have been: ⅙ of the school soccer team: I’m not fantastic with soccer but I still like it. (But I’m not good at kicking, passing and trapping balls that much, not like some kids, but I tried my best.)

I might have been: a terrible singer: I’m not that good at singing and all that, but I just love to sing. Everyday, you will find me, earphones on moving to the music and singing my best. (My voice is not really good but I love to sing.)

I might have been: a party planner: Once I was planning a great halloween party very late at night, putting up the decorations, ribbons on the ceiling, a giant pumpkin on my window and what ever a party needs. (But I got caught by mom and dad red-handed, that ruined my late night party.)

And I might have been: a pony lover: I’ve ride a pony before and I loved riding pony even now. Running down the path, listening to the wind, that...was awesome! (I loved that kind of feeling.

And that is depending on when you met me :)
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