Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Come on New Clubhouse, Goodbye the Old

“Come on Emily!”“Remember that I told you to let me show you our new, Fire Clubhouse.” Tom stamped his foot impatiently for my reply.

“Yeah, alright.” I muttered.

It all started when Tom found this old little room that looked abandoned by someone and found a way into it, down in the basement where rats live and there’s hardly any sound.

Let me tell you, this is a game, the point of the game is the find the “rock of magic”, and the only people and places are included in this game is... a clubhouse a rock and two teams. If you get caught when finding the rock, the enemy will capture you in this “prison” and your teammates have to capture one of the others and trade with them so they give you back. The clubhouse is there to protect you and your teammates. Find the rock and bring it back to your place and you win. So now back to the topic.

Alice my friend and Tom my another friend thought that the little room maybe some use for us. So we , well Alice and Tom thought of making it our fire clubhouse, and Alice thought that will be our home. “Home!Are you crazy we can’t not pick anything for our home.” I told her. Just let me tell you “home” in this game is the clubhouse ,but it is other name to say, if you really love it. But I was thinking what about our old beloved “Fire Clubhouse”?
“Maybe I should just do what they say and not care about it?” I wondered out loud.
The trees danced in the wind, they seem to think the same as me. “Um, Tom I don’t think we should move to that dusty old basement, I mean nothing is wrong with our old clubhouse right?”  I sprinted up to catch up with him. Tom just stared at me like are you crazy, do you mean to say that you hate our new lovely comfy and wonderful new clubhouse and you rather stick with the old stinky and smelly one!? “ Our old clubhouse is so horrible, it stinks, it smells and it has mosquitos, our new clubhouse is sooooooo much more better than the old one, don’t you know that!” Tom turned around and snorted. I got really quiet, should I start a fight?

The sun was about to set. I thought about our old clubhouse. “Those leaves gently flapping in the wind and mosquitoes flying around to find a place to rest and  all of those bushes that cover up our cozy clubhouse. That was a really good spot where no one can find you. Hide under bushes, jump down on the fence and crawl into a secret hideout.” I sighed as I reached my floor. All this is making me want to tell them that we should stay in our old clubhouse more and more. Well I had plenty of time to think about it tomorrow, I thought as I climbed up onto my bed.
There are lots of memories that we experienced in this place. Now Alice and Tom are saying that we should get rid of our old clubhouse and move into the new one? Shelves on the wall, a desk and a small bookshelf , all cover in that darkness and dust. I will really miss our old clubhouse.

Another thought came to me should I leave it alone and go somewhere else, maybe I should find other clubhouse and live without him and her, so I will not get disturbed by them , say about the new and forgetting the old? Or maybe I should hide in the bushes, and I can find other clubhouse and live by myself? All those crazy thoughts were coming up my head, but somewhere deep in my heart I know that I have to follow them and what they think in the end.

The funny memories of me Tom and Alice, and I will never forget them: The time Alice got stuck at the front door, and the branch didn’t let go of her dress, that was so funny. Ah! And the time Tom’s shoes went missing and they ended up in the sandbox. That day I was bitten by ten mosquitos.(But that was another story.) I wished that we could stay, but there was nothing that I could do to change Tom’s mind. Once he wants to do something he will do it “properly”. I twisted and turned in bed, an hour later the morning finally rolled around.

A lump formed in my throat a big fat tear drop down my face. Inside my head I just know that the good part of me wanted to go back and tell Alice and Tom that I don’t like the new clubhouse, but the bad part of me wanted to just forget about the old clubhouse and go in the new one, I didn’t want to tell them my really feelings, Tom will get mad of not thinking of what he wants and Alice will be sad because she liked the new one. I sighed and put on my clothes.

And there I am, standing inside this old room covered in dust and cobwebs. The shelves and the desk and of course and the tiny bookshelf in the corner, “Man this place needs a cleanup!” Alice shook her head. A minute later the place was spic and span and our things had settled in. Now the room seemed like a clubhouse, a base, or maybe even a home. I tried to fake a smile, “You don’t look really happy about our new home?” Alice’s voice interrupted my thoughts, “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing.” I lied but I know something is wrong , I stared at the new clubhouse. It looked more like empty space, no matter how beautiful, how big, it still can not fill the empty place in my heart, our easy, messy, mosquito biting, old clubhouse.

After a lot of thinking and decision making ( yes it was a lot!!!) I thought you can not just only grab

on one thing in your life you have let the places that you once love go. Even if you will miss them

and sometimes in your life you have to deal with it. You need to let go of some ideas to make it

equal between you and your friends.

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